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Lula's Letter:  A Child's Story (28)
Harper's Weekly, July 23, 1864
Synopsis of "Lula's Letter:  A Child's Story"
A little girl wishes to write a letter to a soldier, so her mother helps her to do so. After some time, she receives a letter from a lonely soldier who has no family. The little girl and the soldier correspond for some time. When the soldier gets a furlough, he comes to visit the girl and her family. Some time after he leaves, his letters stop, which worries the parents. While visiting in Baltimore, the mother comes across the soldier, now a captain, dying in a hospital from wounds. He asks to see the little girl again. When the girl comes, the dying gives her his sword. After he dies, the girl’s father tells her that the captain died doing his duty, and that she may honor him by always doing her duty.
"Lula's Letter:  A Child's Story" Story from Harper's Weekly
Lula’s Letter: A Child’s Story
Harper's Weekly, July 23, 1864, page 478 (2-4)
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